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Member Ranks

Welcome to the ranks and roles section of our help center! In this article, we'll provide an overview of the different ranks and roles within our community, as well as explain the responsibilities and privileges associated with each rank. Understanding the ranks and roles within our community is important for all members, as it helps to ensure that everyone is aware of the expectations and responsibilities of their position. We hope this article helps to clarify any questions you may have about the ranks and roles within our community. Let's get started!

Permission Roles

🔰 Initiate

Initiates are individuals who have joined the community but are currently unverified. Individuals must self-verify themselves in order to acquire the 🎉 Member role and gain access to the greater Xeriscape community.

🎉 Member

Members are individuals who have undergone a self-verification process and thereby gained access to the broader Xeriscape community. By self-verifying themselves, these individuals demonstrate their commitment and interest in participating in the community and its activities.

The self-verification process ensures that members align with the values, principles, and goals of the Xeriscape community. It serves as a means of establishing a sense of trust and accountability within the community, fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all members.

Once individuals have successfully completed the self-verification process, they become part of the larger Xeriscape community, where they can engage in discussions, share insights, exchange ideas, and contribute to the collective knowledge and growth of the community.

Being a member of the Xeriscape community provides individuals with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, explore relevant topics, access exclusive resources, and actively participate in community initiatives. It is a recognition of their dedication and interest in the community as a whole.

Vanity Roles

Vanity roles in the Xeriscape community serve as a purely-cosmetic means of recognizing members for the actions that they have taken in the community.

🚀 Booster

Boosters are individuals within the community who have chosen to demonstrate their support by boosting the Discord server of the community.

This rank is granted upon using at least one Nitro Boost on the community Discord server.

🤝 Supporter

This rank is granted upon subscribing to the Supporter role on the community Discord server.

✨ Founder

Founding Members, also known as "Founders", are a small group of individuals who were part of the community before its public launch in early 2023.

This rank can no longer be acquired as of January 1st, 2023.

📝 Contributor

Contributors are members of the community who have made significant and valuable contributions to various community resources. These individuals have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to enhancing the community experience through their efforts.

Contributors exemplify a strong sense of initiative and a willingness to go the extra mile. They actively seek out opportunities to improve different aspects of the community, such as suggesting new features, proposing enhancements, or providing valuable feedback on existing systems. Their contributions help shape the community's growth, foster a positive environment, and ensure that community resources are accessible and error-free.

The role recognizes and appreciates the valuable efforts of community members who consistently demonstrate their passion, dedication, and commitment to the community's overall development and success.

🎓 Guide

Guides are esteemed members of the community who have proven their dedication by consistently assisting and addressing the needs of fellow community members. They possess exceptional communication and teamwork skills, which are evident when they provide support within the community. Guides also exhibit extensive knowledge and a genuine passion for the community and its services.

This rank is exclusively bestowed upon community members who have demonstrated exceptional merit and consistently go above and beyond. They prioritize the well-being of others and selflessly contribute to the community. Achieving this rank requires an extended period of dedicated assistance to fellow community members, and it is a distinction rarely granted.

Game Roles

Game roles in the Xeriscape community serve as a self-assignable means of granting members access to the various game sections of the community. Each role has its unique requirements and upon self-assignment, a new section of the community will be opened up.



Staff Roles

Please refrain from requesting to become a staff member, as positions for staff members are rarely open. If there is a need for additional moderators, an announcement will be posted in the Discord server. Keep an eye on the server, specifically in the 📢 Announcements, for any future updates.

🎩 Moderator

Moderators are community members who play a vital role in facilitating discussions, resolving disputes, and providing assistance to fellow members in need. As part of the staff team, moderators can be approached whenever support from a staff member is required. They demonstrate maturity, adeptly handle challenging situations, and possess comprehensive knowledge of various community sections.

⚜️ Administrator

Administrators are community members responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the different systems utilized by Xeriscape.