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One of the main features that members of the community can partake in is the submission of suggestions. Handled through a dedicated forum channel in the community Discord server, Xeriscape features a suggestion box that members of the community can submit ideas and feedback to; Members can also engage in discussion with fellow members about their suggestions as well.

Submitting a Suggestion

To submit a suggestion, simply create a new topic in the 📝#Suggestions forum channel of the Discord server. Please elaborate in the body of your submission as to what your suggestion is and why it should be implemented; Linking to or providing any relevant examples if possible will also give your suggestion some structure.

Please remember to choose the most appropriate tag for the section of the community that you want your suggestion to be for; Not only will it help others find your suggestion when they use the section filters, but it will also help them denote what the section of the community that the suggestion is for. For example, all threads with the Minecraft tag are for the Minecraft server.

Suggestion Guidelines

As a general rule of thumb, please keep the following in mind while engaging within the suggestions forum, especially if you are submitting a new suggestion:

  1. Avoid Duplicate Suggestions
    Give the suggestion feed a glance, or even quick a search, before posting a new thread to make sure that somebody else didn't already suggest something similar. If they did, please feel free to add your additional thoughts to their original thread topic.
  2. Use A Clear Title
    Please make an effort to give your suggestion a title that concisely summarizes your suggestion. Your suggestion title should be able to convey what you'd like to see added or changed in the community while also avoiding overly broad or nondescript titles that extend beyond the scope of your suggestion.
  3. Avoid 'Bumping'
    If a suggestion has been posted, it means that it either has been or will be seen by the staff team at some point in time. Bumping topics for the sake of visibility isn't going to make our team read it twice but is rather going to drown out newly submitted suggestions from other members. It also disrupts the conversation within the suggestion thread if there is a "bump" message being posted routinely.
  4. Discussion Is Welcome
    Members are encouraged to engage in discussion with each other about suggestions and feedback. If you are not interested in having others weigh in on your suggestion, you can send your suggestion to ZeNinja864#6464 and they will create a thread for your suggestion.
  5. Be Respectful
    If you don't feel that you like or agree with another member's suggestion, feel free to voice that in their thread. If you are unable to voice your opinion in a respectful manner then it is kindly asked that you keep it to yourself.

Suggestion Review

As mentioned, the staff team will read your suggestion when there is an appropriate time to do so; This typically occurs when a suggestion has become mature with enough feedback and discussion that it can be considered for implementation or is something rather simple to implement. When a suggestion comes under review, one of the following outcomes will occur:

  • ✅ Suggestion Approved
    The suggestion has been accepted and will be scheduled to be implemented at a future date. Stay tuned to the 📢 #Announcements channel in the Discord server for updates regarding accepted suggestions and other community news.
  • ⚠ Suggestion Pending
    The suggestion is something that the staff team would like to possibly implement but there is something that needs to be addressed; A post will typically be made explaining what details or items are missing and the suggestion will be placed on the "back-burner" for review again in the future.
  • 🚫 Suggestion Denied
    Suggestions may be denied for reasons can range from simply being impossible to implement to something that won't be done either in general or at the current time. If a suggestion has a decent backing to it and is denied, it may be revisited at a later date, especially if it was something that couldn't be implemented at the original denial date.