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Support Requests

Members of Xeriscape may encounter issues while participating in the community; To combat this, one of the main systems that members can make use of is the community support forum.

Handled through a dedicated forum channel in the community Discord server the support forum allows members to submit threads asking for support for issues that they are experiencing within the community; Staff, or even other members, will be able to engage in real time with the individual to aid them in the resolution of their issue.

Submitting a Request

To submit a support request, create a new topic in the 🎫 #Support forum channel by executing the /ticket create command in the 💻 #terminal of the Discord server.

This will bring up a pop-up form modal that will present you with questions relevant to the section of the community that you wish to submit a support request for. All forms, regardless of the topic, will generally ask for details as to what the issue is and how to reproduce it.

Referencing Documentation

Before creating a support request, it is recommended to search the community support documentation to see if there is an article that may aid you in the resolution of your issue.

It is also recommended to search the support forum for existing threads to see if anyone is has had a similar issue to yours in the past that has received a solution that may work for you.

If there is a currently open issue related to what you are experiencing, feel free to give that thread a look through as well as contribute any information that may lead to a solution for all involved parties.

Providing Relevant Details

To aid in the resolution of your issue, please provide relevant information such as examples and steps to replicate the issue; Screenshots, recordings, and any other forms of logging information or evidence are especially beneficial if they can be supplied.

Request Topics

The following sections of the community have the ability for a support request to be submitted:

Minecraft Server

For the Minecraft server where a large multitide of plugins, scripts, and other external tools are at work, there are bound to be some bugs and errors that crop up ocassionally as members play on the server. For members who come across these issues, they are requested to submit a support thread that includes all relevant information such as description, outcome, intended outcome, and steps to reproduce.

For issues related to crashes and disconnects, client logs may be requested; Client logs can be located within the .minecraft game directory which is typically found at the following default paths:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\.minecraft
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft

Minecraft client logs can be uploaded either to MCPaste or MCLogs which will redact items such as IP addresses from public viewing for additional privacy if you wish to keep such items private.

Voluspa Discord Bot

For issues related to Voluspa, please provide any relevant details such as commands executed and message IDs for both the execution and the bot responses, if applicable.

If the issue is related to a moderation filter, please report it directly to ZeNinja864 instead.

Issue Resolution

After your issue has been resolved, simply add the 🟢 Resolved tag to your thread if it hasn't been done so already.

Please do not delete your threads as it may be used as a future reference for someone else who had an issue similar to yours. Simply Unfollow the thread if you wish to stop receiving notifications; To unfollow a thread, simply open the context menu while focusing on your thread (right-click on your thread if on desktop) and select the Unfollow Post option.

You may also ask to have your thread closed and locked to archive it and prevent any further replies from being made if it hasn't been done so already by a staff member.

Don't Ask to Ask

Please do not create threads asking to ask for support; If you are encountering issues and need support, please simply create a thread and provide all relevant details, someone will help you when they are available to do so.

Also, please do not hijack, or post in, other threads to request support for your issue or for someone to review your thread; If you are having an issue, please create your own thread and someone will assist you when possible.

If you are in need of assistance when it comes to formulating a question, some resources that can provide such information are: